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A free resource to support the development of educational research in Ethiopia

UPDATE 7th July '09: "A new book from Ethiopia on literacy in Africa. The book is £10.
Please email: Alan Rogers
Download information about the book here

This site has been constructed jointly by colleagues in the UK and in Ethiopia to provide a free resource to support the development of educational research in Ethiopia. There are, in particular, three kinds of material:

1. Research methods and methodologies - where you will find documents about different approaches to research, research methodologies and research methods. Some of these are workshop materials, some academic papers. In addition, the British Educational Research Association has established a site with an extremely rich set of over 60 different sets of resources on different aspects of educational research methods which does a lot of the work we were preparing to do via this site. Click here to access the menu and freely available resources.

2. Research reports - where you will find reports of research carried out in Ethiopia.

3. Policy resources - where you will find reference to official documents from inside Ethiopia and from international organisations which have direct bearing on education in Ethiopia.

These are (nearly) all in the form of documents. In addition you will find

4. Links - addresses of other websites which have these three kinds of materials and other relevant information.

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Building Ethiopia Ed

This site was built up initially over a two year period between May 2007 and May 2009. Since the end of the project, it has been continually maintained and is still slowly being developed by the web designer and other members of the UK project team. Its wealth and quality will depend on the contributions which its users make to its development. If you have material (including references to other websites) which you think would be usefully added to these resources, please send these electronically to Dr Barbara Ridley

Protocol for using material on this site

All the material on this site can be treated as 'intellectual commons' that is, it is available for you to reference or copy without charge for personal, teaching and scholarly purposes, but is not to be used for commercial gain.

If you want to use or quote any of this material in your own writing or in your teaching please acknowledge the author(s) and source, including the address of the website through which you accessed the material.

Building the Ethiopian Educational Research Community

If you look at what is said about 'the project' (see menu) of which this website development is part, you will see that this is one among a number of activities designed to build educational research capacity in Ethiopia. Other features of the website (including the Message Board and the section dealing with 'Events') are a contribution towards assisting communication between researchers in Ethiopia and between these and the international community. Please make use of them!